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ade a careful record of her baby's life in the hope of finding the triggers to David's painful reactions. She discovered that David's pain was worst on Tuesdays, the day she cleans the house. Careful research led her to finally discover the culprits: chlorine and ammonia from her household cleaning products. The synthetic ingredients in the cleaning products caused David tremendous discomfort and pain. Amilya threw out her cleaning products and David's crying finally stopped. She then started her quest of developing cleaning products without synthetic based ingredients. Using vegetable based ingredients, she created a line of household cleaning products that are safe to use around David. Before long, word got around of the hypoallergenic cleaning products she developed. Her business, Soapworks, was born. Amilya's company now <strong><a href="">UGGS Outlet</a></strong> offers a line of cleaning products: Laundry Powder or Liquid Laundry, Automatic Dishwashing Powder, All Purpose Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, and Spot Cleaner. Learn from her experience: PowerHomeBiz: Your son's health condition was the inspiration for your products. At what point did you think that you must formulate your own "soap" to take care of his problem? And when did you think that your naturally formulated cleaning products could be a good business? All I was trying to do was to make something that would work and not cause him distress. I had laundry everywhere and needed to clean his sheets, his clothes, diapers, etc. I didn really think about "formulating" just needed a soap that worked. I never really decided to start a soap making business and become "Amilya, the soap maker." I was sharing all the products with friends and family and they kept encouraging me to start a business. When I ran an ad in a local newspaper "Calling All Moms" and saw how many other mothers were in the same position I was, they also said you need to get this soap out to others. Because of these "mom gatherings" I was hosting with moms testing the products the business really started without me even realizing it. PowerHomeBiz: When and how did you start the business? I started the business in 1993 making soap in my sink and later in my garage. This continued into 1994 as I continued my fact finding research on the hazards of chemicals. In 1995 with all my notes and research in hand, I hired formulator and SOAPWORKS was born. PowerHomeBiz: In another interview, you mentioned that you liquidated everything you had and that your husband quit his job for the business. Talk about big risks! What gave you the confidence that these risks were worth taking? I feel strongly that once you gain knowledge you have to share that it is your responsibility. I felt <strong><a href="">UGG Boots Clearance Sale</a></strong> morally obligated to let others know what I had learned. I almost killed my son and people needed to know how to make their children safe. It had nothing to do with confidence but a desire to educate and help others. PowerHomeBiz: How did you finance your business? Originally with savings, credit cards and selling anything of value.
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